Member of Kunst Zürich Süd Galerie

Zürichstrasse 1 8134 Adliswil

Member of Kunst Zürich Süd Galerie since June 2021

What a wonderful moment, thanks to Walter Diem and the Kunst Zürich Süd team for the inclusion and to be able to exhibit with so many good artists.


Artists from AZ - Verein kunstzürichsüd - Adliswil (



Joint studio Kunstzürich Süd

Soodstrasse 38 8134 Adliswil

What a nice moment to be part of the joint studio in Kunstzürich Süd. Thank you Walter Diem and the team Künst Zürich Süd

Valerijana Krasniqi (

With us since May 2021, what an honor, enjoy the wonderful pictures and the great talents that this great company has to offer.

Valerijana Krasniqi | Saatchi Art

With us since January 2021, what an honor you enjoy the beautiful pictures and the great talents that this great company has to offer.



Exhibition at Galerie Bucher January 1 - May 31, 2021


My first art exhibition at @ galeriebucherundatelierbucher what a wonderful moment for me to see my pictures in a gallery and to have a picture in the shop window. You can find more interesting artists on his website



Gallery Bucher & Atelier Bucher Hauptstrasse 60 Ch 9476 Weite


Atelier Bucher - Welcome!




Valerijana Krasniqi Gallery Bucher Zürich
Galerie Bucher & Atelier Bucher Franz Bucher Ausstellung Valerijana Krasniqi
Valerijana Krasniqi - 12 Artworks for Sale on Artsy
New as an artist at Artsy since August 2020 what a wonderful moment to be in an international art shop.

MemorianaPics catalog available from Amazone and Artbox. After 6 months of art, Ms. Krasniqi was able to present her first art catalog on Amazone and Artbox what a wonderful moment.



swissartexpo2020 memorianapics.png


The artist Valerijana Krasniqi will present her first exhibition, 3D Speider-web Technik, after which she started painting in March 2020, at the Swissartexpo in August 2020 and will also publish her new art catalog

Valerijana Krasniqi Swissartexpo.jpg