The eye of Egypt
  • The eye of Egypt


    The Eye of Egypt Acrylic on Canvas 70 × 100cm Mixed media art with different materials and full of love for a new beginning.


    In Christian art, the equilateral, more rarely the isosceles triangle, was mostly used as a geometric symbol for the Trinity. Christian iconography has linked it since the 17th century with the symbol of the all-seeing eye of God, which it adopted from the Jewish Kabbalah, or with the biblical name of God YHWH. Some Christian theologians such as the humanist Nikolaus von Kues (1401–1464) used and speculatively interpreted an equilateral triangle as a symbol for the infinity of the Triune God.

    In Zurvanism it stands for an almighty God who stands above the two gods of dualistic Zoroastrianism. Similar to the “eye of prophecy”, Zurvan is symbolized by a triangle that visualizes the past, present and future.

    On some paintings - e.g. B. Kersting's Apollo with the hours - the triangle serves as a kind of halo. With the Freemasons it symbolizes a creator god or the logos.

    In the Star of David, the hexagram symbol of Judaism and the people of Israel, the two interlocking triangles signify the relationship between God and man. The life given by God (triangle pointing downwards) will return to the Creator (triangle pointing upwards); the 12 corners of the star also symbolize the twelve tribes of Israel. In Hinduism, the triangle is also an attribute of Vishnu and stands for the goddess Lakshmi.

    Interesting the interpretation of a triangle and the eyes.



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    The pictures are all sealed with Liquitex so that they last a long time. I work with a wide variety of materials such as spray - plastic - foam - metallic paints - oil paints - acrylic paints - rapid - plaster - watercolors etc. which are so far environmentally friendly. I try to combine the materials with the canvas as easily as possible and build on them, so that it then creates this 3D effect. The pictures are all without a picture frame, but if you wish you can order it, of course not as in the picture, because these are provided in an app to show the customer the picture with a frame as a template. If a picture has been sold and you want the same, I can gladly paint you a similar one. Since all pictures are original pictures, you are sure to want something unique that only you have. If you want an extra production z. B. a rainbow, I like to do it. I make you 3 templates and then you can choose which one has enchanted you. You decide in which large format you want the picture, here you pay in advance. If you want a picture of me then be open to what I create for you. I work intuitively and now every picture is unique and radiates calm, love, positive energy and inner peace. Valerijana Krasniqi wishes you lots of nice impressions on my website

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