Freedom of gastronomy 2021
  • Freedom of gastronomy 2021


    Title: Goldene Trauben (Freedom Gastronomy 2021) / various materials on canvas 54 x 65cm mixed media art Yes, the grapes 🍇 should remind us of the beautiful hours together, joy in life must not be missing, so that we find that one even better time is dawning for us.


    A big applause at all restaurants, bars, and cafes without you, life is tasteless, I look forward to it when you open it completely 🥂🍇💜 You are the grapes that give our life their own flavor and we together together with family and friends thanks to all restaurateurs cooks service friends in the world they are the best 👌🏻🥂 hopefully the government fraud will stop soon and you can celebrate with us soon.


    The pictures are all sealed with Liquitex so that they last a long time. I work with a wide variety of materials such as spray - plastic - foam - metallic paints - oil paints - acrylic paints - rapid - plaster - watercolors, etc. which are environmentally friendly. I try to combine the materials with the canvas as easily as possible and build on it, so that it then results in this 3D effect. The pictures are all without a picture frame, but if you wish, you can order this, of course not as in the picture, because these are provided in an app to show the customer the picture with a frame as a template. If a picture has been sold and you want the same, I can gladly paint you a similar one. Since all images are original images, you are sure to want something unique that only you have. If you want an extra production z. B. a rainbow, I like to do it. I make you 3 templates and then you can choose which one has enchanted you. You decide in which large format you want the picture, here you pay in advance. If you want a picture of me then be open to what I create for you. I work intuitively and now every picture is unique and radiates calm, love, positive energy and inner peace. Valerijana Krasniqi wishes you nice impressions

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