The Flowers of Hope in Covid - 19
  • The Flowers of Hope in Covid - 19


    Title: The Flowers of Hope in Covid-19 Acrylic on Canvas 40 × 40cm Mixed Media Art with other materials full of emotions for the quarantine time but everything negative is followed by the positive in our life and this is how the picture was created. The flowers represent a new beginning.

    My very first picture💕 and is not for sale because it is my first picture.


    I got in the Covid. 19 crisis March 2020 started at Malenu and this is the first picture of me at this time. The talent was discovered in me earlier, but I was very young at the time and the idea of just painting didn't mean the same thing to me as it does now. By painting I can express my feelings and I would love to keep the pictures all to myself, but I know that they will bring everyone happiness and satisfaction and that a part of me will be over all of the world and that will in turn make me very happy. I rename this picture: The Flowers of Hope in Covid -19


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    The pictures are all sealed with Liquitex so that they last a long time. I work with a wide variety of materials such as spray - plastic - foam - metallic paints - oil paints - acrylic paints - rapid - plaster - watercolors etc. which are so far environmentally friendly. I try to combine the materials with the canvas as easily as possible and build on them, so that it then creates this 3D effect. The pictures are all without a picture frame, but if you wish you can order it, of course not as in the picture, because these are provided in an app to show the customer the picture with a frame as a template. If a picture has been sold and you want the same, I can gladly paint you a similar one. Since all pictures are original pictures, you are sure to want something unique that only you have. If you want an extra production z. B. a rainbow, I like to do it. I make you 3 templates and then you can choose which one has enchanted you. You decide in which large format you want the picture, here you pay in advance. If you want a picture of me then be open to what I create for you. I work intuitively and now every picture is unique and radiates calm, love, positive energy and inner peace. Valerijana Krasniqi wishes you lots of nice impressions on my website

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